CELAC’s Importance internationally recognized

CUBA, January 22, 2014 - Cuba strengthened ties with other regions of the world during its temporary presidency in 2013.

The importance of the integration achieved in the organization whose foundational Summit took place in Caracas, December 2011; has been highlighted even beyond Latin America and the Caribbean. Cuba’s temporary presidency during 2013 strengthened ties with other regions of the world.

Here are some opinions about the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC):

• Nicaragua’s president Daniel Ortega qualified CELAC as an historic landmark for which Simón Bolívar and great figures of Central America fought during a speech at the ceremony to transfer the temporary presidency of the Central American Armed Forces (CFAC) to the Dominican Republic in Managua, on Tuesday 21. Ortega referred to the current challenges for Central America, and pointed drug trafficking and the organized crime as the main enemies, and major destabilizing factors for the region, and that drug coming from the South is not consumed in the area, since it is destined for the United States or Europe.

• In Moscow, the Russian minister for Foreign Affairs Serguei Lavrov highlighted the importance of the relations with Latin America and stressed the role of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States as a key factor for unity in the continent. In declaration to Prensa Latina News Agency, Lavrov affirmed this is the first organization with universal character in the region. He predicted good Latin American integration prospects within CELAC, which allows harmonizing the process of complementation in the States of the region. “Good for all the Latin American States”, he said. We are interested in a bilateral work, but also multilateral with other regional organizations, and I think it could be interesting for other allies, Lavrov said. He recalled that in the meeting of the extended troika held in Moscow in early 2013 the initiative for the creation of a permanent consulting body with CELAC was analyzed, he expected a decision be adopted in this sense during the upcoming Second Summit in Havana.

• By the way, Cuba’s ambassador to Russia Emilio Lozada, reaffirmed that the Second CELAC Summit will strengthen the ties between this country and the regional integration forum, and regarded the Foreign Affairs ministers’ meeting of the Extended Troika of CELAC and Russia as the most important international event of Cuba’s temporary presidency taking place in late May 2013. This event gave way to the institutionalization of a relation between the region and a country like Russia of great importance in today’s world, relation which is going to be very important in the future, from the political viewpoint, as well as from the economic-commercial perspective. It is a State which plays an important role in the right application of the Principles of the International Law, of the UN Charter, of the dispute settlement through the dialogue instead of through the use of force, ambassador Lozada said to PL. He assessed the Russia-CELAC ties as positive as well as the ones with China and the BRICS (Brazil, Russia; India, China, and South Africa), structure which has been strengthening positions in the political and economic international sphere.

(CELAC-Cuba - Juventud Rebelde)